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Millions of parents worldwide trust MAM for their innovative range of baby bottles, soothers and breastfeeding products. Always putting your baby's safety first, MAM holds the EU Prize for Product Safety.

Continuous Search Optimisation (SEO)

Grabbing the top-spot on Google, plus we've improved organic sales

We've been working with the MAM UK team since July 2019, helping improve their organic search (SEO) and increase the number of sales on their online store. Our hands-on training and guidance include:

  • Training for the MAM UK web team on SEO best-practice
  • Improving product descriptions for search engines (and humans!)
  • How to use industry tools to understand their position in search engines better

In six months we doubled the conversion rate on sales, scoring the #1 on Google for 'Glass Baby Bottles'.

Shopify Design and Development

We switched MAM UK from Sellerdeck Desktop to Shopify, making eCommerce so easy it's child's play.

In 2020 we designed, built and integrated Shopify into MAM's business a brand new eCommerce store featuring:

  • Brand new mobile-first website, showcasing product images/video
  • Custom development for product filters for Bottles and Soothers
  • Custom development to showcase Product Highlights
  • Custom development of customer services help form
  • Custom development integrating Baazarvoice Reviews platform

Improving Posting and Fulfilment

Working with MAM and their UK fulfilment partner (3PL) we improved the efficiency and speed of order dispatch and reduced posting costs across the business.

  • Identifying new delivery partners, managing the account application, price negotiation and setup
  • Setting up integrations for automated label printing, speeding up the warehouse by 25%
  • Training of warehouse teams to process orders, increasing the number of picks per day. Customers receive their orders faster.

Optimising Paid Search (Google Ads)

Working with MAM UK's Marketing Team, we work to train and advise on managing effective Google Ads campaigns:

  • 1:1 training on setting up Google Ad campaigns
  • Managing Adwords budgets spends and identifying poorly performing campaigns
  • Managing Google Shopping Feeds, correcting any problems with the information between the store and Google.

 In 2020 we've helped MAM reduce their spend by 28% and increase their return by 65%. 

Source: Google Ads, December 2020

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